I have much respect for folk saying exactly what they mean, and you definitely did that right here, bravo! I agree with everything you’ve said.

I don’t really blame Zuc, I don’t think he himself saw what was coming, nobody could have predicted it. He is in the unfortunate position of a person who has profited immensely from a social experiment which has removed far more value from the world than he has made from it, and we probably have not seen the end of that yet. There could be much worse to come. The question is, does he realise it… probably not.

The good thing is, we who have not profited from it, have already learned much from it.

Like you say, the only answer is to break up Facebook. To avoid the problems repeating, best thing to replace it would be something Engineered from the top down, with the number one stakeholder as “Joe Public”, which means it has to be a non-profit.

For Zuc to do this, he would probably have to blow his entire perceived fortune. But maybe he could do it, if facebook were to be somehow converted to a non-profit crypto-community, where he invests his fortune in the token of the community, and open sources all of the fb source code. A facebook token… now that would be interesting. They have technology which could be easily converted to something far more immersive and truly beneficial which could undo most of the damage done.

But we know that probably won’t happen.

So we are providing the alternative ourselves.


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