Umair thanks for posting.

We knew something big was going to be announced when Boris was 10 minutes late in starting yesterday.

If we could have seen his back in that announcement, we’d probably have seen fresh bootmarks on his backside.

I have a couple of thoughts on it too.

Firstly, the use of tiers seems folly, because we are almost paving the way for the virus to spread, by surrounding the areas already hit hardest by infections, with “soft” areas not yet hammered by infections, its transmission path from high tiered areas to adjacent lower tiered areas is assured.

Secondly, much worse, it has been known for quite a long time that the effective development of new penicilin vaccines in anticipation of new strains of things historically treated with penicilin, has not been happening, due to that work not making enough money (not enough profit in it, poor conventional business case). At the same time, we see occurences of illnesses half-treated by vaccines mutating and becoming stronger. So it appears infections attacked, but not defeated, are made stronger. Thus a little penicilin, not quite enough, or not quite directly targeting the infection, just makes the infection stronger, sometimes even causing the infection to mutate.

In other words, mutations can occur as a direct result of the presence of vaccines.

Why would covid be any different?

That profit seeking businesses have already been made from covid vaccinations, is the biggest mistake of all, in my opinion.

At our most cynical, we might speculate that that is what is now driving things, nothing else.

It seems to have been forgotten that there is still a perfectly simple option to kill this pest.

It takes maybe a month to six weeks.

We saw it done in China when the virus initially appeared there.

They wiped it out completely.

A complete lockdown is what killed it. 100% isolation, no less.

For that, we will need massive financial stimulus unleashed.

As I’ve written already, many times now, it can be done, whilst even whacking all of the other global problems at the same time, by moving all debt to be paid down by future implementation of solar energy.


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