I hate to be the one to point out some problems in the logic expressed here, because I know the arguments were made with the best of intentions, but…

From an innovator’s point of view, if we consider innovation to be new ideas which could lead to major benefits for humanity, the interests of investors are actually contrary to innovation.

Nikola Tesla, for example, undoubtedly an innovator, wished to deliver to the world a system which included both free power, and internet connectivity, way back around 1900.

Free power was a truly radical innovation which would have led to a non-profit world of abundance, and spelled the end of economies based on scarcity.

That would have resulted in the avoidance of two world wars, and even the development of nuclear weapons, since both wars were originally about nations fighting over scarcities.

Franz Ferdinand would not have been assasinated if it had not been in protest over poverty, and Hitler would never have got a foothold in a society, if its people had not been faced with grinding poverty.

All poverty is as a result of scarcity.

So, the real innovation needed is to remove scarcity.

Without scarcity there can be no longer any advantage to be had by investing, therefore the value of all investments are diminished, if the end of scarcity can ever be delivered.

Can you see now the reason real innovation cannot be done at profit?

Many things beneficial to humanity can only happen with the removal of scarcity.

That means either free money, or free power is needed.

One leads naturally to the other, but neither can be delivered at profit.

So, the question investors need to ask themselves is; are their personal investments more important than the removal of scarcity for all humanity, or not?

JP Morgan obviously believed they were, when he removed Nikola Tesla’s funding, as the final financier of Tesla’s efforts.

So here we are now, 120 years later with widespread poverty around the world including almost a third of the US population, now in addition to a virus for which we have no vaccines, worldwide pollution, and the governments of our stricken peoples again in the hands of madmen.

Should we really be lamenting, or celebrating, when the free money is issued?


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