I don’t know about alchemy, it is interesting Newton dabbled with it.

Ai nowadays might well be our alchemy.

Elon says all kinds of things, sometimes not unlike Trump, he seems to have a certain knack of attracting followers / worshippers, and of course investment.

But a man sending a sportscar into space, where there is already a long-standing issue of debris pollution, suggesting to send thousands of satellites into orbit, to create an alternative 5G to the technology developed by companies like Huawei in partnership with governments like that of the UK, over twenty years, dangling carrots of profit driven Mars exploitation, when we have yet to learn to fix the ravages done to our own planet, by the ways of profit, has to be questioned.

Look where Trump has ended up, a laughing stock really, surely, though some elements of his legacy of greed are being perpetuated by his successors.

Will Elon’s ambitions stand the test of time?

Will he even be remembered for intellectual development?

Remains to be seen of course, but personally, going on events so far, I don’t think so.


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