Though we agree Caitlin’s story is great, and maybe our shared non-human ancestry, I don’t follow the logic of your argument.

An invention is just an idea which has been tested.

When the results of a test provide a useful outcome, we see implementation.

Unfortunately we interpret a massive explosion, widespread distribution of toxic waste, and a large number of lives taken, as something useful.

That, surely is the definition of a mentally ill species. As a species, we are aiming a loaded gun at our own head, and keeping our finger on the trigger, because we know the outcome of any mistake is certain death. One involuntary twitch, lapse of concentration, or even consciousness, and boom… so we absolutely should maintain this state.

How can that sound sane to anyone?

When we stop seeing those things as useful, we’ll consign the hardware and the idea to history, as maybe not such a great idea after all.

To me that means getting rid of the colonial mentality, the real illness of our species.


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