I do like your idea Stephen, from our discussion here, it sounds like you have completely worked out a real rigorous solution.

But it looks like a proposal of policy which depends on many people in positions of political influence throughout the world adopting it. I do not have trust in enough of those people to have hearts as good as yours to support it. It only takes one or two bad actors, or criminals, to spoil things for everyone else.

Sadly we see politics now so often being driven by profit, and those few profiting the most tend to win, at the cost of the many who lose. For me, the conventional manual political system all over the world no longer represents the true majority, so it has had its day.

Now we are seeing on many fronts, the implementation of crowd driven machinery to carry out the will of the majority of people, in the way that only open sourced software can do.

The amazing thing is that the collaborative effort carried out on truly open sourced code is preserved and continues regardless of the fortunes of whichever named projects and organisations created it, or worked on it.

Organisations and projects may come and go, but the code lives on. It is truly an indestructible instrument of human creation, created through human collaboration.

Open sourced code is the modern version of true democracy in action.

One does not really need to be a coder to become involved. We only need to be able to interpret, or execute the code, to deduce whether or not it does what we want, and to provide input to those who know how to produce and deploy the code. I think you might be surprised how easy it is to become involved and instrumental.

My own main skill is not as a coder, but more in the use of tools and system modelling and simulation techniques which at least assist in the production of initial system code. My normal role is to elicit the requirements of folks wishing a system to carry out particular purposes, then to design a model of that system, for which reasonable initial code is generated by the tools.

After that, there are many ways that the code can be improved by skilled coders.

I would be more than happy to work with you, to see how much of your idea might be applicable to VRENAR.

If you are interested to do that, a first step to getting involved is to join the VRENAR Discord community at https://discord.gg/GusU32G

I hope you won’t mind that I have already posted a link to this discussion in the documentation section there. Already, you have provided input to VRENAR.

Thank you very much for your time already spent here.

Looking forward to perhaps seeing you there, and working further together on your ideas.


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