I disagree completely, though I applaud your article because all views are important, otherwise they will never be put right, thanks for posting.

Population growth is with us, it is a necessity.

One day it will begin to level off naturally, just like any unconstrained organism, if we get that far.

So far the energy needed to fuel that population growth has come mostly from energy reserves on our planet, mostly fossil fuels, whilst generating toxic waste.

Now those have been heavily depleted, and our planet is seriously poisoned, we are seeing problems both economic and environmental, threatening to curtail our growth prematurely.

Energy consumption and economy are fundamentally linked.

We live in a closed box, hence we have a zero-sum economy to live in that box, consuming the energy resources within the box.

The answer is obvious, we need to look outside the box.

The sun is our sole original source of energy.

It is outside the box.

It is free.

It is clean.

It is limitless in that it can never be exhausted.

We must implement industrial scale solar energy worldwide.

The longer we spend distracted, arguing over what might be done inside the box, to prolong our closed state, the less chance we have of successfully opening the box.

We have to stop arguing, and get on doing what needs to be done.

We must open the box without further delay.

Otherwise, not only are we done growing, we are done.


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