Whilst I agree with your motive, assuming it is to try to smooth out some of the obvious division we see happening on account of skin color, I think this articles misses completely, and could even make things worse.

I could not find the figures you quoted for the numbers of “black” people killed by police in 2019 in the sources of information your article is linked to.

Even just a quick glance alone at those sources suggests much, much higher figures than “nine” nationwide, and certainly much more than “one” in New York.

In fact, looking at those seemingly research based sources gives me an impression of pretty much carnage at Police hands, especially amongst those of color.

A further development in the now thankfully viral Chauvin incident, is the information that he apparently has now been charged with third degree murder, and that he had something like 19 recorded previous incidents of brutality against colored folks, none of which he had been brought to book for.

Is he unique?

Of course not.

Why does that bring to my mind such a different picture, from the one you’ve painted?


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