I can’t see how another cold war could be anything but negative, but I am sure you have the best intentions in writing this. Thanks for posting.

It seems pretty obvious now that profit driven efforts are anti-human. When it comes to the choice between lives or profit, we see profit wins every time, and as long as it exists, must continue to do so, until there are no lives left, literally. That is the real reason we are in the pickle we are in, profit is our biggest enemy as a species.

Some might see that as exaggerating, but we only need to look at profit driven shareholders choosing profit every time, even when they know that choice will result in lives lost, they still manage to convince themselves that it is not them who is personally responsible, always others.

It is the same choice we all make, to buy the cheapest products, which also happen to have the highest human and environmental tolls.

We got news today that someone on the UK covid vaccine program died in Brazil. Sure enough, the shares prices of the pharma company involved have already taken a dive, but it isn’t because of any mourning for the victim, it is because they know the company’s chances of “winning the race” have been impacted, therefore their investments might never see a return.

Since Western Science became profit driven, it has become progressively less and less able to genuinely assist us. More and more of what comes out of it has become corrupted by the need to profit at all costs, so in the end, truth gives way to profit.

Realistically, there will be no useful covid vaccine from any profit driven venture, and there definitely will not be any fix to the much bigger global environmental issues at profit.

Since China seems to have been able to channel government scale money into projects, it stands the best chance of delivering a covid vaccine. In fact, we read that it already has. I will look out links if anyone needs those.

On the environmental front, China is ahead there also, leading by examples which we can’t follow.

Whilst the US embargos places like Cuba, in an apparent effort to literally starve the population there off the planet, China is donating solar farms to Cuba.

It isn’t more hostility like another cold war that is needed, but the opposite; collaboration, which is really needed.

Somehow, China, and the US, and all of the other countries of the world need to unite, to be able to react effectively to the environmental challenge.

That apparently highly unlikely scenario could actually come about, by massive issue of free money, issued in credit against a requirement to top up reserves using the free energy from the sun. That would be a very large driver to become wholly solar powered, which would pretty much solve all the problems, I believe.

If there was to be a competition, it might be to see who can issue the most free money!

Anyone interested can read more about all of that in the stories linked from my profile.


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