I can’t fault you for feeling that way Indi. I am sure you speak for most of the many other parts of the world which have suffered, and continues to suffer also at the hands of the US.

Now, all nations that contributed to the colonial nightmare that is the US must prepare to do what we can to try to minimise the damage that could be done to the rest of the world, by managing what appears logically to be the next step of the US, following the historical pattern of Hitler’s Germany.

That means doing what we can to help the stricken people there, and the outpouring of refugees which will surely happen from the US, now that folk are living in fear.

It also means doing what we can to change the world’s existing economy of scarcity which has created and perpetuated colonialism for many thousands of years, to a new economy of plenty, which could undo all the ills.

That might seem like a tall order, but there seems hope, evidenced by the unexpected initial effects of free money (see my featured and other recents for more information).

Something that US people should watch out for, are the effects of increasing sanctions. They need to put an end to those, which are the real threat to the dollar value.

Thus far, sanctions have been used to cause misery to many countries. The US needs to lift those, all of them around the world before it is too late, otherwise the dollar itself could fail in isolation, just like the currency of the Weimark.

The dollar can only remain strong whilst it works in “Collaboration” with the other currencies of the world, rather than against them.

The same goes for any currency, as we’ve seen, all need to be freely traded in a common market, including all previously excluded by the US, and those markets need to be accessible by all people, trading with whichever currencies they see fit, including “free money”, as they can all become, the dollar included.

That done, there is no fear of total devaluation.


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