I appreciate everything you’ve written here, great work, but it does all become redundant with the removal of scarcity.

When scarcity is no longer valued, the ideas of profit are removed also.

We can only be tricked into accepting agreements when we fear deprivation without agreement.

Agreements include buying such things as Bitcoin, and gold, for example.

Therefore profit becomes no longer possible, if scarcity is removed.

The most commonly seen lie in that circumstance, is that all business will break down, currency will crash to zero, etc, etc.

But that is not what we witnessed in the presence of massive stimulus.

We saw bankrupt stock prices for companies offering things people still want soar, oil prices go negative, gold and bitcoin prices languish, the value of the dollar itself go up, and a real spike of environmental recovery.

Then we heard the question asked; how can it all be paid for?

We didn’t hear many voices pointing out that it can be paid by assigning the global debt to be paid down by plugging directly into the freely donated, infinitely scaleable, endless wealth source that is the sun, at the same time as removing our environmental burden, because all of the channels by which any information can be communicated, are driven by profit.

The educated elite wish to maintain that status and advantage, as long as loss is feared without it.

But when scarcity is removed, no-one loses.

I think this message is the one that really needs to be communicated to the educated elite, since they are all that maintain the illusion of scarcity.

Scarcity is gone.


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