I appreciate all of your inputs, all are needed to confirm rigour of analysis, thanks for bearing with me.

I believe the system proposed meets all of your concerns.

Every day, we each absorb another day of energy.

The tokens coming into our wallet simply reflect that energy used.

We can’t undo the fact that we used that energy.

It is simply proof of another day lived, if nothing else.

If we put those tokens to good use, as perceived by others, then our token stock, the record of our life, increases in value.

If we are not “productive” in life, the penalty is already built in.

As we are modelling the energy allocated to a person, I can’t see exactly where any deletion of it mimics a mechanism in nature, except perhaps when the person passes away. Even then, a person’s tokens would probably still be valuable, if the person had made outstanding positive contributions to history, anyone having done business with them in the past could still be holding valuable tokens. The legacy of great people would still live on, in the residual energy of their tokens.

After death, a person’s unspent token stock simply becomes “zombie” tokens, continuing to exist, but unaccessible in the absence of the living person.


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