I applaud your good intention with this article, but that one line you mentioned above kind of invalidates a war against nicotine itself.

The truth is we don’t know how good or bad nicotine is for us.

There is no doubt at all that smoke of any kind is bad for us, but if we vape pure nicotine diluted in a harmless medium like that used to deliver medicinal drugs by inhalation, there seems little evidence of long term damage as yet.

Consider me a human guinea pig. I spent 35 years smoking and witnessed my body suffering progressively more damage from smoking as the years went by.

I then spent around eight years largely nicotine free, a complete abstainer, exercising fanatically, got very physically healthy again, but whilst arguably becoming mentally isolated from the realities of life.

Then when life took an unexpected turn, maybe due partly to my isolation, I turned again briefly to smoking, before discovering vaping.

Since then, for the past eight years now, I’ve vaped, enjoying and maintaining well above average for age fitness, and (In my own opinion at least), a deep “Awoke” connection with the realities of life.

Anti-smoking campaigns I fully understand and support, but anti-nicotine campaigns are for me still very questionable.

Yes it is addictive. Yes there are probably increased cycles of dopamine ups and downs.

But is that really such a bad thing? After all, isn’t that what life is all about, at least for some of us?

I will believe it is truly harmful when I see some proof, even if I happen to be the one who finds out the hard way myself, perhaps even by dying for it.

One thing is for sure; I appreciate having the freedom still, just, to make that choice.


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