Stephen I am sure your scheme is technically sound, but perhaps incomplete.

The question is how to implement it, or anything else like it, as might also exist, as a component of an overall scheme, supported by the vast majority, who may all have had inputs to it as the main system stakeholders.

I am sure you agree there appears much resistance by the existing establishment minority to integrate anything revolutionary, as their interest appears to be strongly towards maintaining the status quo, which has been so obviously found lacking in capability to meet the interests of the vast majority, all around the world. It is a global problem which can only be addressed by global solutions.

You might or might not agree that conventional politics no longer functions, since it no longer works towards the good of the collective.

Solutions requiring existing establishment active cooperation, such as yours as it stands, can never be implemented as a direct result.

This goes for entire political campaigns of any kind, large or small, unless they are backed by the majority of wealth, as opposed to the majority of people, and since the bulk of wealth has already been transferred to the controlling minority using the nature of the vehicle of conventional politics, then that vehicle is no longer useful to the majority.

It might be that there are ways of translating the mechanics and structure of your scheme into a form which could be implemented by propagation of an application throughout the majority, which could maybe go on mobile phones, offering other immediate social utility to users, but in the longer term, resulting in the desired outcome, for example.

Your solution by itself does not answer the question of how, and from where the wealth of the future will be generated, given the widespread reality that jobs and conventional work are becoming redundant.

Accepting that energy equates with wealth, catalysed by human creativity; the ultimate source of all wealth has to be solar power, since all forms of energy are derived it.

Any full description of our human ecosystem must include consideration of that in its analysis, so as to show effective management of wealth, energy consumption, and pollution, in a complete integrated picture.

This has to be done to answer all questions by all people.

The successful solution will also fully express all associated organisational structures, with details of how those counteract existing and previously used hierarchical structures, driving inequality to date.

Further, we can see by repeated experience, the actual mechanism of money must absolutely be removed from human handling in a way that completely removes the ability of individuals or groups of individuals to tamper with its supply towards the gain of themselves, at the expense of others, or the collective.

We have demonstrated over and over, that we Humans absolutely cannot be trusted with money supply, so that administrative task must be relegated to secure incorruptible automation, such as open decentralised blockchain, as we now have at our disposal.

I think your solution, as it directly involves the issue of money, would have to be expressed in terms of blockchain.

I hope this helps!


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