I am not sure you have done much breaking down there Grant, you’ve given a number of reasons to believe but none not to believe. But it is good to know your thoughts, thanks for posting.

What bothers me about all of these claims of meeting peace loving aliens is that the claims come from figures of the most aggressive governments, yet none of them seem to acknowledge the part still very much being played in modern hostilities by their respective governments, far less denounce them.

Or maybe they are, and we are just not being told that part?

In my own path to trying to understand the problems facing us as a species, I have touched on the concept of aliens, and it seems logical that if they exist, they cannot be profit driven, at least not in any way that causes war within themselves, unlike humanity, otherwise they would be extinct, as we soon will be if we can’t move on from the profit driven world we currently have.

I think if they exist, they are in pursuit of knowledge rather than material wealth, which we have become obsessed with.

Since they would need us and all other intelligent species to survive, to assist in that quest, they would surely be educating us in fixing the problems of a profit driven world, which they would surely have seen before.

We don’t see any evidence of that kind of education having any effect whatsoever, if it has been handed out, except maybe in places like China.

So actually it seems far more likely that aliens, if they exist, are in contact with places like China, where profit seems to have been controlled more effectively, if perhaps still not ideally, we see massive inequality there too, I think.

They too still appear to be trying to represent the wealth of Earth by a static currency base, when actually the wealth of Earth in terms of natural development, and us, in terms of knoweldge, accumulates daily, all fuelled from the sun.

It is now really obvious to me that the silver bullet, that works on the profit monster, is free money, money that is continually generated and given for free like sunlight.

We saw it in action when massive stimulus was issued.

I would love to believe aliens somehow put that in my head.

But hey, then I would be insane, wouldn’t I?


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