I am inclined to agree with the other four good respondents who have disagreed with you on this story so far Umair.

You obviously know the problem, it is indeed the drive for profit at all costs, including the planet. But the truth is we all work as pieces of it, one way or another. And it is not too late to do something about it, as individuals, by forming the right kind of collective, connected by a new kind of non-profit distributed ledger system, which requires a little investment.

The damage to the planet is reversible. It is not too late. And the answer might well be described as a form of technical utopia. It comes in the form of a system, like I’ve described to you and many others, many times over, but you, and all those like you, never seem to listen.

If you, as an individual, or someone else with your kind of following were to listen, to understand, and then to start saying the right things, to promote the right kind of system, then we might get somewhere.

We all of us seem to be united by our disinclination to collaborate. For the moment, influencers such as yourself are the only people who can make a difference, by convincing people to collaborate, on projects that really will make a difference.


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