I am guessing from the amount of indignation we see in comments here that you might have previously had some credibility.

Personally, I don’t see the problem with airing these kinds of thoughts, after all, what harm does it do, if we are not presenting things as fact, only fiction, or even theory.

One thing that most sensible folk can see is that conventional science has many holes in it, due to being profit driven.

Maybe that is the source of indignance.

If we unturned some long covered fantastic history which revealed we were not always driven by profit / colonialism, the zero-sum profit game would be finished.

Why don’t we see chains, restraining the darker skinned people we define now as slaves, in paintings of ancient egypt?

We gather from ancient texts, they received no pay for their “work” performed as “bodyguards” and “concubines”, so of course they were slaves!

But, what if there was no concept of profit, back then?

Then they would have to have been working as friends, happy to devote their time to the collective good, with everyone else.

Not possible by modern standards!

Perhaps we need to ditch the stupid ideas of profit, to be able to see the whole truth of history, whatever that was, because we certainly can’t see it right now.

Thanks for posting!


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