I Am Almost Giving Up

A final Medium gripe?

Frederick Bott
1 min readAug 26, 2022


The more I think about the latest stunt pulled by Medium, to turn the platform into nothing more than a war-mongering propaganda outlet (See my previous story, if you can find it), the more I am thinking it is time to call things a day on here.

I can’t see the point of continuing to write here, when my theme, which is on how to fix the global energy problem, using my thirty odd years of Systems Engineering Experience, will obviously be shadow banned, even more than it is already.

Further, I can’t see the point of wasting my time wading through an obvious ocean of propaganda, to get to the authors of the few stories I might be interested to see, after I search them out by author, and even then the list of recent stories isn’t necessarily their actual stories, they are not even listed chronologically, so we don’t actually know if what we are seeing there is really their latest output.

Does anyone have any suggestions?