I agree with your sentiment, thanks for posting.

Robinhood might have sullied its adherents a little by stepping in before serious harm might have been done to some powerful forces, but the good thing is, the whole affair has again opened peoples eyes to how things really work.

If something like Robinhood hadn’t existed, we would not have seen the incredible effects of free money used in markets, like we saw when the equivalent of 10,000 dollars per head was handed out in the first massive stimulus of pandemic business relief in the US alone.

Most of it indeed went to elites, but enough splashed out to do some amazing things in the markets, which really freaked traditional whale investors, Warren Buffet included, who even admitted so at the time, all of them running for the hills, whilst oil prices went negative, bankrupt stocks in companies with known, much loved products soared, hoards of gold and bitcoin went down, and the dollar price itself went up, everyone stayed at home, “Trading” with their free money (Donating, as it was not for profit, the money was free).

That incident opened our eyes to the fact that the markets become an incredibly good and powerful thing, when people have free money to donate in them.

Donation, is where we assign money to the things we decide are desirable, and thus have value in the world.

That, is pure fine-grained, non polarised, worldwide democracy in action, when all people have free money to assign in them, maximising even the value of the money assigned.

Also, it showed a brief glimpse of something like an artificial brain in structure, every human was potentially connected to every other, free to direct funds to any other, like neurons firing from one to others in a giant service-oriented architecture.

Robinhood are due the credit for showing that to us.

Where they fail, is where others should pick up, because for sure, levelling things in the markets is how real value is generated, where all people donating with free money will find future modes of work, future solutions to all existential problems, and even where new government might be formed.

When all money available to people is generated from solar, like Bitcoin, there we see the distributed mechanism of sustaining such a new donation based economy, sourced from the extraterrestrial infinite energy source that is the sun, the only source of energy, profit can be dispensed with, and the picture is complete; humanity, and all technology finally align with nature.


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