I agree with your sentiment.

It is obviously very damaging for a species to be living, in a way, by cannibalising itself, whilst plundering its environment.

Hopefully enough of us are seeing now that it can’t go on, and more importantly, does not have to.

There might have been times in the past when scarcity was a real thing faced by humanity, when it had to sacrifice some, in order that others might survive.

But those times are gone now. There is no excuse really for ignoring the evidence that scarcity is something now artificially maintained by the nature of our antiquated ideas of wealth.

It might have been appropriate, a long time ago, to set a fixed value of anything as something useful, and valuable, whilst the energy of the sun, given always for free, never put a fixed value on anything, continuously creating all things.

I am a person who historically never put much faith in religion, but analysing in recent years the physics of how the value of sunlight adds to the value of Earth, continually creating the value of everything we know, it somehow seems the conclusion is something religious, like a miracle, if we can’t see how it works, that scarcity is an illusion, there really is no scarcity in nature, and therefore all of the ideas of profit, and insisting on acting differently from the sun (which freely gives to all), is somehow right, is the thing which is actually all wrong.

Since the advent of Bitcoin, and other things like it, powered by solar energy, the only form of energy cheap enough to continue making it, we can see that money-as-sunlight has real value, and is being added into the world economy from an extra-terrestrial source, thus now the zero-sum game played on Earth can no longer be justified by any kind of logic.

“We can’t afford it”, is no longer true.

The justification for putting any kind of limit on what we should give to others, if we have accessed significant wealth ourselves, is disappearing, rapidly.

Infinite wealth is available to us, from the sun.

Now it is simply a matter of how best to expand and distribute our access to that wealth most efficiently, as individuals, as members of whatever collectives we might be members of, and as a humanity, united by that single goal, towards that end.

Dividing infinity by the tens of billions of people on Earth, still adds up to infinity.

Infinite wealth available to one, should be infinite wealth available to all.

The only thing stopping it, is not being able to see it.


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