I agree with your analysis. I particularly like your concept of applied humanity, thanks for posting.

The right system I believe will realign money with the addition of value to the planet, rather than with making profit.

If we consider humanity as a positive addition to the planet, then we must accept it has an inbuilt instinct to do good things for the planet. To set that free, humanity must be free to decide for themselves what each wishes to do in life beyond just wondering what might make profit. The need to make profit can be removed by issuing money directly to the person adding value, where that value is defined by the collective. The result would be people being paid for whatever they do in life, provided it is something valued by the collective.

In such a world, you and I would be paid just for writing these things, since it pleases the collective to read them.

A person choosing to tend to the needy, or to the environment, and thus to our planet would be paid for doing those things also, as it would please the collective to see those things being done too.

We have the technology to do this now, to apply humanity in a positive way, and analysis of the projected results is literally beyond anyone’s wildest imaginings.

I like to think of it as technology being used to apply humanity positively to the world.

And yet the adoption rate of a project truly offering real unlimited financial wealth in return for just doing as we please in life is literally incalculable. All of humanity would be swept in, in a very short time indeed, including even the rentiers.

The challenge I am finding at this stage in working on the project full time, is getting support for the project, even just enough to sustain myself to carry out the introduction of it.

Everyone is too busy searching for profit!


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