I agree with you we all need to be together. And when you mentioned the benefits of non-profit, I thought for a second you might be onto the real solution. But then you went on to talk of those practicing greed in terms of them and us, and I realised you are not quite there yet.

Depending on who we speak to, we all practice greed.

Ask a starving kid in a poorer country if we are greedy, and for sure they’ll think we are, though they might not say it to us. And for sure they would swap places with us to be every bit as greedy.

That truth is the outcome of us all being driven by profit, rich and poor alike. As such we all normally think within a framework of controlled scarcity, which rests on our ideas of wealth being something constant with a fixed value, like a pile of gold, or oil, or whatever.

In other words, we think only in zero sum mode.

But now we are creating free money from the energy of sunlight by way of things like Bitcoin, which is being exchanged for large sums of conventional money. That is proof of actual wealth being added into the world economy by sunlight, an extraterrestrial source, not part of Earth like oil or gold.

So it isn’t really zero sum, at least not any longer.

It is continuously accumulating, infinitely scaleable wealth, for all people.

Imagine standing under a waterfall, someone trying to sell us a glass of water. We’d laugh.

Now imagine standing under a solar powered money-fall. Would anyone ever need to work in a job they didn’t like again? Nope.

We could be billionaires by the old system standing shoulder to shoulder with kids who were starving in a desert, and we would all be the same, equally entitled, and with access to infinite wealth.

Infinity divided by billions of people, is still infinity.

If we think people would get up to mischief if they had infinite free money, why? What would they have to gain, if no profit is possible?

When we realise that, we see there is no need to confiscate the wealth of the already wealthy, so that we might enjoy it, instead of them, we can all enjoy exactly the same thing, as it all came from the sun in the first place, and always will, whether or not we complete learning how to make use of it.

Interestingly, Bill Gates is already well invested in solar power research, by his involvement in the Heliogen company.

For now, the solar energy-fall has only just started.

But the flow will keep increasing, until we are surrounded by wealth.

It can’t be contained, so we will see more and more sources of free money, until we become donors ourselves, passing it on to others.

Zero-sum thinking is nothing to be ashamed of btw, even geniuses like Stephen Hawkings did the same thing, projecting their own midsets onto things like aliens and Ai as something likely to be hostile, as if driven by profit, but in essence, neither of those things can be driven by profit.

When we know that, we realise things are actually pretty rosy.

The solar energy dam is about to burst.

Just wait, and watch that space.


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