I agree with you, but we could be much closer to the marketplace of human endeavour than you might think.

It appears to exist already in the stocks, shares, and currency markets.

A currency now is like shares in a corporate.

Currency values now appear to represent the opinion of the world collective.

“Delinquent” countries see the values of their currencies plummet, relative to the others.

That is all that matters, the attachment of currencies to asset values is no longer important, except to those who still think in terms of assets, and economics of scarcity, which are becoming fewer and fewer, as more and more lose all of their former assets.

I am confident that pretty soon, we’ll see cryptocurrency solutions offering all individuals the capability of printing their own personal free money indefinitely, for free, giving everyone the ability to market ourselves via those currency markets, as well as all manner of new, non-profit businesses and endeavours benefitting humanity.

Losing our assets simply makes us convert mentally to this new value system.

That waterfall of mental conversion appears to be just started, with little chance of reversing.

Young folks always saw it anyway, I think.

Exciting times!


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