I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said, but I think Facebook is near the end of its run.

The Facebook token might generate some user interest for a while, but pretty soon, a new alternative will come along. It will not be based on a stablecoin, but on a true non-fiat open decentralised coin. The entire platform will be non-profit, returning all of the value generated by the users, back to the users, not just some leftovers from profits extracted by shareholders or other creditors.

I think this new system will catch on like wildfire, when the user benefits become apparent, especially compared with things like Facebook.

The adoption rate of such a system will quickly take up the entire capacity that 5G and all the other network expansion technologies can deliver, and then some.

So I can’t wait for Facebook to get on with delivering their new token. Until users get to see the downsides of it, they won’t really know the benefits that could be had from doing things differently, the non profit value adding way.


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