I agree with most of your observations Norman, but didn’t detect any hint of a suggested solution.

I read (and remember), you feel some scorn for those of us who dare talk of such things as might mean Utopia.

What exactly, is Utopia?

Isn’t it just universal success, compared with universal annihilation?

The unthinkably good, vs the unthinkably bad.

There was a time when universal annihilation would have been an impossibility, far more unlikely than Utopia. Think before the second world war.

Obviously developments since then have taken us much closer to the unthinkably bad.

Personally I think if we lose sight of the unthinkably good, we are truly lost, and that may be the real source of the problem.

Yes, oil is something currently woven into our society, and yes it is finite.

But why choose to forget that it came from another energy source, one that is relatively infinite; the sun?

That one constant, the sun, which cannot be denied, is solid, shining proof that the idea of all resources being finite, necessitating any kind of zero sum game is literally rubbish.

We made a mistake when we shut down the research of people like Tesla, who knew all about this, and saw where we were going with the zero sum capitalist oil fixation.

If it had not been for that, we might never have seen such universal annihilation abominations as were developed during the war, because there would have been no reason to have a war. We could have already achieved universal success, Utopia as you put it here, reaping benefits directly derived from the sun, our one true single source of limitless energy.

The fact that folk can dismiss such thoughts as “Disconnected”, as you have done is the real source of the issue.

You are in a zero sum box. It is you who needs to open your eyes and see it.

Believing only in the zero sum game leads directly onto believing only in universal annihilation.

That is what has to change, if you ever wish to have anything different.


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