I agree with most of what you’ve said Umair, and the observation of lights out in the Whitehouse when America is burning is pretty hilarious, that photo says it all.

But the statement above is where we differ.

I have faith this is where the people of the US will now show they are different, and will show their mettle.

We should take heart that it was such a grevious injustice against a minority that finally sparked the unrest.

Good on them.

That is already much more than ever happened in the Weimar republic, for example.

They will do what is necessary, when they know that the people of the world stand with them, united by coming under similar oppression, to some extent or another, rather than standing laughing at them, or kicking them when they are down, we are rooting for them, because their problems are our problems.

What they do next, we are going to have to do now too.

Trump’s government is just the latest to carry on in the vangard of the policy of modern slavery by debt; our own governments in the West, and even those of China and Russia, are just following suite, watching what happens in the guinnea-pig of the predatorial capitalist experiment that is the US.

What the American people are going through is something we will all go through, unless we help them beat it.


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