I agree with Brad Stollery ‘s reply and would add; how much of what you achieved would you credit others for contributing towards what you achieved?

Many had no choice but to give absolutely everything they had, at threat of their lives being ended violently, literally millions of lives as slaves, to help build the society in which we now work, “building” whatever personal fortunes we amass.

By the same reasoning you use to justify your view, they should be repaid, should they not?

Indeed we might argue millions of lives are still being taken to maintain our capitalist lifestyle, in many “foreign” countries our system continues to brutalise and literally steal their wealth.

How will we ever pay them all back?

In light of current events, it seems pretty weird most of us are not even aware of that simple question, far less actually pay anyone back.

In our defence, we might say that we ourselves are, and were always slaves of a kind, enslaved by our debt-based economy.

From that point of view, it might be a good thing that this flawed system is finally failing.

Lets make sure we don’t replace with more of the same.

Pretty much everything we’ve always thought of as the “good” things, when we argue for the system of competition being something good, we couldn’t be more wrong, because what is actually happening is a species feeding upon itself, consuming its own flesh.


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