I agree with a lot of what you said here, particularly your point that few people seem willing to undertake the research necessary to make sense of events.

As one maybe cursed with the inclination to do something like that myself, I often ask why, and it seems that all that is needed, is a little faith that all is not lost.

Hence I don’t agree that the UK and all other countries can’t print money indefinitely, and not experience inflation, just like the US.

The value of any fiat currency appears to be simply what the market decides it will be.

So what we should really be doing is maintaining reasonable relations with our counterparts around the world, to ensure our currencies continue to hold a reasonably good position, relative to the others.

Best to be optimistic, rather than pessimistic, I think.

Besides, the future of free money looks incredibly bright, when we follow it down the rabbit hole to see where it leads.


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