I agree one day we will reach for the stars, but in “sc-fi speak”, it won’t be until after we’ve sorted out things here at home.

Carrying on in sci-fi speak:

The damage is not irreversible. It can be cleaned up, much quicker than imagined.

We’ve started to dig into our planet’s resources of reserve energy, to satisfy the inevitable growing demands of our increasingly technologically dependent “Civilisation”.

We’ve done that using an economics of scarcity, the zero-sum game, where profit and credit drives all.

So far, we’ve largely ignored the fact that all of our energy comes from a relatively infinite source, the sun.

The energy from that sun is more than capable of sustaining an unlimited expansion of humanity for an eternity yet.

Our economic model should reflect that.

Right now, we are in debt to our planet, having dug into its resources. We need to put them back, before we can think about truly venturing beyond.

It can only be done by ditching the economics of scarcity, moving on to non-proft economics which more accurately reflect our infinite source of energy, that is the sun, and using that energy directly instead of plundering finite stores of energy on our planet.

To do that effectively, we need to recognise what it is of infinite value that we all emit, in response to the infinite energy of the sun, our human information, and gear our personal rewards to that.

We are all infinitely wealthy, enabled by technology now capable of measuring, calibrating, and even rewarding the true value of our personal information, but so far, we have ignored it.

The same new infinite resource economic model will enable us to focus the necessary resources to go interplanetary, after we’ve used it to fix the planet.

That is, if our fixation with profit does not kill us first.

Perhaps we were gifted our planet as a kind of test. If we learn how to pilot it successfully, we get rewarded by going on to create and pilot others. If not, we crash and burn.


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