I agree on the taxes. Removal of apparent wealth from Billionaires need not be by force if something even better can be offered in return.

I agree with your other response also. Value is not money, but what we define it to be by our likes and dislikes. Basically, we all like and dislike the same kinds of things, and yet there is massive inequality.

The point is that money in its current form and usage is disconnected from true value, otherwise there would be no inequality.

It turns out that cryptocurrency networks do reflect the value expected mathematically. If facebook somehow had such a token, it would be virtually priceless. All holders would benefit accordingly, because effectively, they would all be shareholders in the system. The information in the system is effectively the users likes and dislikes. If that was monetised in terms of that token, and paid to each user, everyone would do very well indeed, former billionaires and otherwise. Taxes would become something people choose to donate, in appreciation of the services received, rather than something taken from them.

There is at least one system in development with that goal. See my profile for more details.


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