I agree 100% there is a suppression problem in Medium, I've known about it and seen its effects on my own stories since I began in Medium, around the same time as your good self, Linda.

They have to do it, to compete with all of the other profit driven platforms.

I've had consistently the same research path and goals since I started, I am not interested in an income from Medium until maybe the world changes towards the non-profit future I've always been talking about.

I am sure even Medium would breathe a sigh of relief, if/when the free money really kicks in, to finally relieve it of the need to keep making profit at the expense of its writers.

With the free money avalanche switched on, none of us would care anymore about whether or not we could make an income in Medium, so I guess a lot of writers would disappear, but... they would be replaced by a new breed of writer, writing about the things they believe are important, rather than writing to make a living, so the quality of material would see a significant boost.

Medium would continue in business doing what they do, if they love what they do, and I believe that they do.

Now on the approach of Lincoln, it simply does not smell right, that he published his story priming of big secrets. Nobody with a real motive to spill the beans, waits a minute longer than necessary to do that.

I hate to say it, but priming of something devastating to say, and then witholding, sounds like it could even be a kind of blackmail.

Let's see what else Lincoln chooses to say. I hope and trust Medium at least will not try to preempt that, the best policy is to have it all out in the open.


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