I actually find this article very heartening, thanks for posting.

My own concerns align with those of my 15 year old daughter. To that end I am working non-profit in a bid to change things more to gen Z favor (Though I don’t know how much longer I can last in that, I continue nonetheless). I could choose to do as everyone else my age seems to do, consolidating the fruits of their labour towards papering their own nests, but frankly, I do not believe that is in the interests of our children, unless maybe if the investments are towards crypto.

I spend the main asset I have left, my time, trying to make a better world for young folks, because I honestly believe that is the best way to look after my own future too. To that end, all savings have gone. All that is left is the productivity of my time. But I am still confident it will be worth it, because crypto-currencies are for sure the future.

We can’t influence that certainty in any way other than whether it happens sooner or later. My preference is the sooner the better.

Besed on solid research, one thing I’ve learned is that the future of crypto-currencies in general is bright, very bright. Mucher brighter than most folks realise, even those already financially invested in it. A false impression can be assumed due to the recent prolonged downturn in prices. There is some maths at work under the hood which tells us the truth. It is called Metcalfs law. The best bit of advice I would offer to anyone is to check that out. It is not that complicated, and if we really know how it works, we get real insight into the future.

One or two crypto-currency offerings will do very well indeed, very soon. Ignore anything built for profit. Look for the non profit ones with truly scaleable architecture (not blockchain!), and keep in mind that the strongest example of any particular utility is simply the one that started first.

How soon they will rise up is still a big question. Utility is key there. A truly scaleable token combined with a utility of something like Facebook will be truly unbeatable, and could snap into full planetery adoption so quick everyone would be wondering what just happened.

Hence that is what I’ve been working towards lately. Anyone who would like more info on it can always find links to it in my profile, or in my own articles here in Medium.


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