How Trump Could Again Win the Popular Vote, and Go Down in History as One of the Greatest names ever Known.

The most controversial move, by the most controversial human ever.

In a nutshell, by Bribery.

Massive, wholesale, unabashed and unashamed bribery, of all people.

The final campaign, changing politics as we know it, forever.

Mr Trump could quite simply Bribe his way into the history books as one of the greatest and most celebrated humans of all history.

Who to bribe?


Especially the ordinary people.

He could do this by massive issue of free money.

With that, the nature of money will change, from something used to deny wealth from most people, to something used to empower most people.

With this floodgate opened on the most influential, most powerful of world currencies, all others would have no choice but to follow, in competition.

The “Debt bubble” would no longer be a bubble.

It would never burst.

The USA really would truly be great again, leading in a new, completely unexpected vanguard of free money.

That would be a complete u-turn of its previously championed mode of business, to something much more controversial.

We saw a hint of its possibility, when trillions of dollars were being issued every month, the dollar value relative to other currencies actually went up.

What we saw was a glimpse of a new world, a world of abundance, where all humans could at last be freed from the obligations of working to clear “debt”.

Ordinary people got a glimpse of trading in markets, casting votes in the form of free money, on the things they saw as valuable to the world, despite many of those things being no longer viable as able to make profit, like hire cars (Hertz), and cruise ships.

By that, the people expressed their democratic wishes.

And we saw a glimpse of a world of abundance, where the human instrument of empowerment, money, was given in the same way as sunlight in nature, for nothing, with nothing asked in return.

And humanity reacted with a brief spark of value added to our world, where for so long before, we had only detracted value from it.

Nature briefly rebounded, with obvious, instant effects on air and water quality.

For sure, by enabling this forever, he would go down in history as one of the most celebrated humans ever.

He would be the one that set us free.

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