How to understand, and be certain of the only way out of the global climate crisis.

I just wrote yet another seemingly futile piece on this issue, the only real issue in the coming Cop26 summit, and it appears to have fallen on deaf ears, just as almost everything I write nowadays appears to do.

No change there.

How does this vital information that very few seem to understand, not get picked up and run with?

Because it is anti profit.

This is the whopper of all anti profit arguments, because it is actually not an argument, but an observation.

This is how to see the monster killing our species.

So of course it will never be positively propagated in a profit driven system.

It is the exact opposite of a sensational shocking story, in which many souls have died, but such stories make lots of profit.

There is no profit in saving humanity, but lots of profit in torturing it slowly to death.

The Grand Energy Ponzi (GEP) is the thing behind it all, the underlying root cause of pretty much every inhumanity ever seen.

It would be incredibly cool, if the last few lines of every sensational story, trajic or otherwise, contained a brief acknowledgement, or analysis of the part played by profit.

That is the only way we will fix what has to be fixed, we need mass awareness of the monster of profit, and all its trajic outcomes.

Everyone needs to see it.

Every story of racism, feminism, ageism, wife beating, child abuse, gangsterism, criminality, corruption, and even LGBGT issues, in fact everything anyone might define as inhumanity to our fellow humans leads back to the exact same root cause; profit.

Profit is the underlying mechanism we use to carry out the Grand Energy Ponzi.

The Grand Energy Ponzi is the seemingly unwitting scheme of consuming the material Energy of Earth, put here by the sun over a period of many millions of years.

It is absolutely unsustainable, and now we are beginning to see our planet burn as a direct consequence.

Understanding this, and what is causing it, is the only way it can be stopped, even reversed.

It is profitable to deal with outcomes, but not the cure, because the cure is to end profit.

Not dealing with the cure seems to be largely as a result of not understanding the issue.

What we’ve witnessed with the profit-driven mishandling of the covid virus, is the perfect demonstration of the damage done.

“Renewable Energy”, “Carbon Neutral”, even just “Enetgy generation”, is not understanding the issue, they are all just ways to disguise yet more profit making activity.

As long as those more obvious terms exist, we are still not understanding the issue, so it is still not being fixed.

Beyond those, there are even more, less obvious misconceptions, but equally important fundamental mistakes.

Degrowth, and blaming technology, are mistakes.

Of course we used technology to carry out the damage, but what is missed, is that as a direct consequence; technology is our only route back out.

To understand why that is so, we need to understand what technology actually is.

We are not unique, in having this thing we call technology.

Nature has technology also.

The process of creating life from lifeless soup, catalysed by the energy of sunlight, is a technology of nature.

The process of some of that life evolving into animals, and others evolving into plants that sustain animals, and their environment, is a technology of nature.

The process of photons from the sun being absorbed by the damp leaves of a tree, causing it to grow whilst consuming carbon dioxide, and transporting vital nutrients back to the soil, is a technology of nature.

Now we happen to know so much about how all of those things work, learning from nature, we find various ways using our own technology to go a step further, without realising the damge done when it is for profit, rather than being rewarded for the overall technical merits of the “Improvement”

From watching birds fly, we always suspected we could fly too, and we did, even going supersonic, and off our world.

But because for all endeavour, only profit has rewarded, any activity beyond that required to make profit, tends to have been ignored.

Like making it safe to our environment, or even just making it safe for us.

There is always a conflict of interest between maximising profit, and making things safe.

Safety for the masses is an expensive business, not much profit in it, but safety for the few who can afford to fund it, well that is another matter, but I am almost digressing there.

The key thing to note, is that technology for us means the same thing as technology for nature.

Technology is what nature uses to convert the energy of the sun into all the life we see on our planet.

It took millions of years for nature to achieve life that flies.

We did the human version of that achievement in a few thousand years of human technological development.

So we should see human technology as simply an extension of nature’s technology.

Human technology is a technology of nature.

Where we go wrong, is to develop it only for profit.

Where we could make a fatal wrong turn, is not recognising this.

Human technology is the technology of nature, turbocharged.

Nature, with its technology is what brings us all life. Humanity with its technology, is a kind of turbocharged, specialised version, of the technology of nature.

As it happens, a by-product of our technology has been to consume vital energy from the natural reserves of Earth, put there by nature, by natural technology, over millions of years.

We’ve removed it with our turbocharged human technology, in about 150 years.

Nature can’t replace that energy anything like as quickly as we’ve removed it, without the help of our turbocharged techology.

We need the turbocharged technology of humanity to put back what it took out.

We are already in an unsurvivable state on our planet, our population is already beginning to decline, along with those of all other species of life.

If we quit all technology tomorrow, we would still be in a unsustainable state.

But with technology we can fix it, as explained in other stories, by hooking up to the non profit source of the sun, and converting that beneficially, to put it more efficiently to work on the environment of Earth, we can put back what we took out, rapidly.

Even more rapidly than we took it out, because when we get rid of the millstone that is profit, by plugging into the infinite wealth and energy source that is the sun, we pump up the power of the turbo of development.

When all development, all effort, all reward, and all of humanity are aligned towards the same end, humanity, with its turbocharged technology of nature becomes a force to be reckoned with.

On the other hand, without it we are already extinct.

As always, all questions welcome.




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