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How to tell whether or not the Cop26 Summit will make any difference.

Some things to look out for

I am not going to beat about the bush (Its already burning).

Firstly the basics:

The activity of profit is how all business functions.

Profit is all about exchanging various forms of capital, for various other forms, in the hope of making profit.

Capital is stored energy, which all comes from our planet.

So as long as we are practicing profit, we are taking capital, and thus the stored energy from our planet.

We are feeding on the energy of our planet.

All of that energy came from the sun, over a period of millions of years.

We use something that works a little like a gearchain, to extract that energy, money.

We also worship that money, evidently, as if it was god.

We’ve removed enough of the energy of Earth now, in around 150 years flat, to be seeing countless species going extinct, and our land on Earth now literally burning, sometimes with us still on it.

That false god we worship as money, is actually energy from Earth, energy from below, and now we are burning.

But there is something new happening; proof of work tokens, solar powered, being exchanged for ever increasing amounts of money-as-debt.

So now when stimulus is issued, freely printed, we see the value of it going up, not down, and we realise it can be forever.

Even better, when it was issued substantially, we saw oil prices going negative, and the only ever spike of recovery of the environment, air quality, fish stocks, and coral stocks all made a spike of recovery.

Just then, we got a glimpse of a different world, a much better world.

The physical reason free money is now entirely sustainable, is that wealth from the sun, via solar powered proof of work tokens, is now being pumped in by the back door of our economy.

That change has happened in only around ten years.

So it is rapid.

No conventional economists dare account for it yet, since it means the end of capitalism. In fact, it means the end of all capital advantage, and that is a very good thing, because that is our only way out of what is the Grand Energy Ponzi.

The Grand Energy Ponzi (GEP)

The GEP is our tendency to take all of our energy from the stored energy resources of Earth.

Now there is becoming endless money from solar energy, it is only a matter of time until we realise this, and move towards a new donation based, non profit, non capital economy.

Until then, those who still feel they benefit by the old system of profit, will choose to believe otherwise, and will try to do everything possible to maintain the old system.

But now our planet is burning, even the most profit driven has to open their eyes to the damage it is doing, and how much poorer the world they believe thay have in their hands, is becoming for all, even they.

The stage is set, for Cop26, where there are some things to be discussed, some of which we will want to hear, but also most likely many things generated by those who still believe in, and wish to maintain the old system of profit, at the expense of our species, unfortunately.

As long as profit is still being practiced, the damage is still being done, so all language designed to disguise that needs to be called out.

Wind power, and wave power are things that take more energy from the Earth, than any amount they can “Generate” for us.

The same goes for nuclear, when we take into account the decommissioning costs of each plant.

No plant has ever been made safe at profit, in fact, no plant has ever been made safe.

So no more time or resources should be spent on any of them.

There is only one source of energy, it is the sun.

A worldwide superconducting grid, with cheap, safe local flywheel energy storage systems, and all combustion fuelled by hydrogen created from solar energy, are all possible with solar powered proof of work tokens.

As long as more tokens are needed, the infrastructure can be expanded using existing tokens, to create as many as needed, there is no limit.

Infinite wealth divided amongst billions is still infinite wealth.

The energy on Earth is only a store of that energy, so of course we can’t use it forever, and as long as we try, we will increasingly burn, literally, all of us as a species along with all other things, by the energy of the sun, which we ignore.

Things we don’t want to hear

  • “Renewable Energy”
  • “Carbon Neutral”
  • “Green Technologies”
  • “Energy Generation”

Things we do want to hear

  • The debt of humanity is actually an energy deficit, to our planet.
  • The energy deficit with our planet can only be paid back down by solar energy.
  • Proof-of-work tokens are the solution to issuing forever free money containing real tangible wealth, in the form of solar energy, encoded within the tokens.
  • In the meantime, the banks could admit this, face the responsibility that they now run the Earth, the future of our species is in their hands, and start to issue free fiat money, secure in the knowledge that it is balanced by increasing amounts of proof-of-work tokens, generated from real energy, from the only source of it, the extraterrestrial body of the sun.
  • Markets, in absence of all advantage by holdings of capital, and free of all possibilities of profit, as they become when substantial stimulus is issued, are the new seat of government, where all people equipped with free money can choose to vote for anything they please. That is pure, fine-grained democracy in action, globally.



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