How to see clearly the Only Solution to the Climate Crisis

Success in the coming battle against extinction depends on concentrating all our efforts where it matters

Now at last with global attention on the global climate crisis, it is more important than ever to be able to cut to the chase, to see clearly the main issue, and the only way it can be addressed.

It is very simple. There is only one answer. The biggest danger we face now, is in not seeing this clearly, wasting further time, effort, and energy towards the wrong ends.

To see it clearly, we just need to consider where the real source of all of the energy in our world comes from.

The sun.

We must concentrate on using the sun directly.

All other efforts are just further wasted time and energy.

To be aware of this, we just need to put together a few key facts.

The first is that our planet is slowing down.

At least sixteen leap seconds have been inserted in our precision time sources since 1970.

So our day is now more than 16 seconds longer than it was in 1970.

The rate of our planet turning is a direct indication of the stored kinetic energy in our planet.

So the stored kinetic energy of our planet is being dissipated.

Wind, wave, and hydro-electric power are all forms of conversion of kinetic energy to electrical energy.

So, although clean, those forms of electrical power generation are not actually renewable. They deplete the stored energy resources of our planet just as surely as the burning of fossil fuels.

The second thing we need to be aware of is that the sun exerts a force, known as “solar wind”.

Currently, the solar wind on our planet has no effect on rotation.

But when a significant proportion of our planet surface is carpeted with solar energy conversion elements, a positive net force will be generated on our planetary rotation by the solar wind.

That force encouraging our planetary spin will counter the forces currently acting to slow the planet down.

Those facts together lead to a very simple conclusion.

We must concentrate on using the sun directly.

All other effort is a waste of time, effort, and energy.

If you have any doubts about any of this, say so.

There is no shame in seeking truth.

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