Hi Sola thanks also for your own good patience and calm reasoning.

I am guessing your nickname here is a clever pseudonym, but I will use it anyway to address you as a friend.

We each have our reasons for believing what we believe, the important thing might seem that the end result is the same, we have similar values.

But in honesty, I think you are the exception, having values worthy of any religion, seemingly without religion, as I would define it.

You might understand why I see some of your reasoning as less than solid, if I clarify how I would define religion.

For me, religion just means a belief and understanding that we are not actually the highest intelligence species in existence, and in fact our species, perhaps like all species, is actually a contrivance, created by something, or someone, who knows much more about reality than we do.

One thing I’ve learned as a long term designer is that there is no such thing as perfect design, it is all contrivance. So contrivance to me looks like evidence of design, rather than lack of design.

It is interesting that some experts on examining the human genome remark that it bears all of the hallmarks of genetic modification, like that of domesticated animals.

The thing that would be special about us, if confirmed, is that we are descended directly from the higher intelligence itself, whereas all other species we’ve known of to date, are probably not.

If correct:

Then there are some pluses and minuses associated with this special origin.

Firstly, we have an “unfair” advantage in competing with other animals, in that we have a power of logical thought, capable of rapidly building empires, which is not found elsewhere in our environment, other than as we might create it ourselves.

This gives us immense power over what we call the animal kingdom, an ability to compete with, and completely dominate it.

And yet, we have the same capacity to learn by inheritance, as we see evident in animals, pigeons seem to know where their parents nested, without needing to have physically been there themselves, thus they inherit some memories of their parents, for example.

Does the pigeon know it inherited those memories? Probably not, but then it does not matter, if the pigeon will never question the memory.

But humans, on the other hand can, and obviously do question those memories.

Hence the reason we need physical artifacts to remind us of our history, and our origin.

As such, the biggest potential threat to our future, is our own nature, and our own unique capability to get that wrong. Our creator entity would surely have been well aware of this, hence went to some lengths to ensure we were left with artifacts.

Not understanding our own nature is probably our biggest peril.

To understand that, we have to understand our origin. With that correctly identified, we might also understand our destiny.

The trouble is the artifacts needed to keep us “On track” had to be expressed in a form which means something we would see as valuable, throughout the development of our human intelligence, down all of the cultural paths it might take, hence we see different religions, tailored to different cultures.

So the artifacts themselves are more or less also contrivances, with much scope for being twisted to suit various human political agendas, and such twisting can most easily be done by those choosing to ignore selected parts of the message.

The main message which seems common to most religions is that we must work as one with the environment, and all other humans, to be in with a chance of success, and success means assured long term survival, living in peace and harmony for all.

In terms of christianity, something like “Heaven” is what we end up if with, if we get that right, and something like “Hell”, is what we end up with, if we get it wrong.

As to whether or not we have time to correct problems by modifying beliefs, we should take some assurance that progression of this capacity of logical human thought, is incredibly rapid, compared with the rate of development of inherited animal wisdom, in fact, we see it continuously accelerating.

Now, twenty years is quite a long time in terms of how quickly we are developing.

The potential for things to go wrong are higher than ever though.

But we should have some faith that the truth will come out when there are no longer commercial interests working to suppress it, and much of the commercial world appears to be failing right now.

The truth will probably turn out to be far more viral than the craziest and most sensational misinformation.

Also, it follows a higher level creator intelligence itself would feel some responsibility towards its child species.

Crying for help might well be an option for us. If so, it is important we realise it.

Harmonisation amongst humans would surely be pretty much immediate, upon realisation of such a truth.

I hope that helps clarify!


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