Hi Sola, of course I also enjoy our exchange and am happy to try to answer your question.

Conventional science has gone as far as to confirm there are unknown “Ghost species” in the human genome, and that the human genome bears traces of domestication. There are multiple papers around that subject, including some postulating that humans somehow self-domesticated ourselves.

I believe the idea of inherited memory is something disputed by conventional science, as this might imply some form of intelligence residing outside the existing physical structure of our brains, which if accepted, leads perhaps to many questions of intellectual claims upon which much commercial practice is established.

But it seems obviously apparent in animals, and is a simple explanation of “Instinct”, which in humans might drive us to “wish” to believe in a higher intelligence.

Over-riding that instinct using the logic which we also uniquely inherited, is something most religions seem to warn about.

The nature of the higher intelligence, if it exists, is still completely unknown.

I would love to see the outcome of scientific studies down that path, it could be an alien race, as you put it, but the nature of it might be way outside our current understanding, hence the reason we don’t see much physical evidence of it.

As to how we might ask for help, who knows; praying, or meditating, or something along that line of mental exercise might actually work?

I hope this helps answer your question?

All the best also to you, my friend.


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