Hi Pablo, great article, just like all of your others. I am new to solidity programming and currently working on a token sale for the VRENAR project (White paper at www.vrenar.io). I would love to be able to do an airdrop, but firstly I urgently need to sort out the main crowd sale smart contract, so that it is ready to start selling as soon as the freebies have been handed out. I’ve already spent a fair bit of effort crafting and documenting an ERC20 token that I am happy with, and as you can see, it is posted on the live blockchain so that it can be seen publicly, ready for distribution, as well as to show some fruits from my labour. I’ve looked at many contracts that appear to be designed for a very similar purpose, but on trying to test them on the Rinkeby test network, cannot get any to interact with the Rinkeby located test version of my token. I’ve seen it stated that in this circumstance (a pre-minted token), the contract has to be the owner of the token so as to be able to automatically send in response to ether received, but I cannot find any information on how to make a new contract the owner of an existing coin. Is there a short answer to this?


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