Hi Jakub,

Great, a good documentation facility giving easy access to information is really important.

My own approach with the VRENAR project so far is to just throw everything related into our own Discord documentation channel, but as the project is developing, I know we could be storing up problems for ourselves in the future. Also, it is becoming more and more linked as we are applying IOTA in the project (VRENAR appears to have been made for IOTA!).

It would be great, and I guess mutually beneficial to have related applied IOTA project documents accessible and linkable in a common place together with IOTA documents.

I guess such a facility could be desirable also for a lot of other IOTA integrated projects like VRENAR.

Would it be possible for applied IOTA projects to deposit their documents also, organised in the same way as IOTA documents, with maybe an attribute labelling the document project source?


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