Hi Hendrick, thanks again for bearing with me.

For sure I agree under the current system, all of the individual members of a crowd will all have their own agendas, which do not all add up to furthering the aim of a community. Hence the awful mess we see in politics all over the world.

I believe this is because the current system was never actually designed. Until now, there has been no formal design specification of a system that takes everyone’s needs into account.

For VRENAR, there is such a design. The system is designed from the top down to address everyone’s needs. The primary stakeholders are the users. These are then further refined down AR VR users and etc.

The result is a system which aligns the needs of each individual with the needs of the collective. In this, the most effective way for any individual to maximise their own personal income is also the most effective means of maximising the value of the community. Everyone’s income is derived from the community token value. Each time a person creates or defines value, this appears as an increment to the token value, thus an increase to their own income. This is a little like every employee of a company having shares in the company, except that in this case, all wages paid are direct evidence of contribution to the token value.

When there is no reason to question the motive of the individual, there is no longer any reason to question the wisdom of the crowd.

An example of how it operates applied to an example, posed in a similar question asked by someone else in Medium is here: https://link.medium.com/3yvUQitXXU


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