Hi Georges

My comment was meant to encourage you to analyse beyond the edge of established thinking to postulate a new model. I think it is really important for folks to realise their own self value. I think the reason for folk to always seek wealth from others, instead of realising it from their own value, is the absence of models that can be used to conceptualise it, and which might be used by smart contract algorithms to reward it, by minting corresponding coins on the fly in response to it.

Time is one element of it, but there is obviously much more.

On the merits of profit or non profit, for me, value is only present in things which are new. Like information which is repeated has little value. All new things become commonplace after a while. If profit is still being extracted from things which are not new, then it is not a fair exchange, there is a net transfer of wealth towards the extractor because no value is offered in return. Hence the imbalances we see today. Utilities are a good example. No-one should be profiting from those, because they are not new. If a new crypto service is to become a utility, then it should not be offered at a profit, and there will always eventually be non profit competitors offering the same thing for no profit, so profit seeking business cannot compete in utilities, unless they hold monopoly, which is obviously unethical. Thus most profit seeking crypto services will eventually fail. I hope that helps explain my thinking on it.


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