Hi David, the best place to start is probably my featured story if you haven’t seen it already.

It links to some others including an analysis of how to apply engineering circuit theory to continuous value generation by continuously flowing free money.

It works just like electrical or hydraulic energy, and is even directly replaceable with such, leading naturally to requiring a source of free energy at the input.

There is only one of those; the sun.

It is interesting to note the similarities between money and sunlight. Sunlight has no mass, but it does have inertia. Thus it is only useful as a medium of transmission. It can’t be usefully stored, unless we include some millions of years of accumulated historical sunlight in the form of fossil fuels.

There are all kinds of indicators, the sheer bulk of which appear as circumstantial evidence suggesting there is only this one solution, and we are heading towards it in any case, as long as nothing silly happens, such as a nuclear war, which would be the end for all.

The path I followed to come to this conclusion began in 2017; I had a mission to find a solution to a commercial problem, as part of PhD academic research for a new business I had in mind. The problem technically required the use of a virtual world.

Being already a long term professional systems Engineer, I wasn’t happy to pursue any solution which was not commercially viable, whilst still delivering benefit to the main stakeholders, the platform users.

It soon became apparent there is no profitable solution which would not extract value from users, thus eventually impoverishing them. The only way round that, is to have the platform as a non profit operation, whilst in addition, issuing all users with free money, which at first looks like a ridiculous idea. But the more it is analysed, the more it becomes apparent that it is not only the unique solution to that particular problem, but also the same solution to many others, in fact, pretty much all.

Studies of crypto-currencies and network theory, including the first principals of Metcalfes and Reede’s laws, are all part of the analysis, again indicating the incredible value of networked humanity, and even how to maximise that. Suffice to say sanctions, and all other forms of cancellation are not good, severely impacting the network value.

With Covid, we get a renewed avalanche of information, again underwriting the validity, and even the necessity of free money.

When we examine all, we see that free money is incredibly powerful, in the hands of ordinary people.

Free money removes the incentive to profit.

In the eyes of most conventional economists and investors, that can look like something very bad.

But, not only can we do without profit, but we can do extremely well without it.

Better than most can imagine, I think.

The world we will have without profit is pretty incredible, leading directly to solar power, absolute fine grained yet decentralised, distributed democracy, and a collective social conscience which will quickly create huge projects beneficial to humanity which are not possible to do at profit.

This solution does fundamentally depend on the presence of an unrestricted internet, in order to balance the flows of all sources of free money relative to one another.

The controller which will do that is the market comprising all people, trading currencies with free money.

I can only scratch the surface with my explanation here. I’ve written more than a thousand times on it in Medium alone, and spent many thousands of hours working on it.

It can seem something of an obsession, but it is one I never get tired of. There is no topic at all that we can think of, which is not affected in some way or another, so no shortage of things to write about.


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