Hey, all good, thanks for understanding. I honestly could not fit twitter in, it is all I can do to keep up with Medium.

Sometimes I wonder if even that is worth it, but we are taught well at PhD candidate level that interactions like yours, with sometimes seemingly harsh criticisms, need to be well argued out, and are thus valuable.

The exact mechanisms at work in nature, to try to compute how much energy each individual actually consumes every day, and how that converts to wealth is obviously very complex. Any attempt to do it accurately can easily be ripped apart, as to its accuracy, which meybe detracts from the intended purpose and function in practice.

The only facts we know for sure, for every human, is that firstly we need and consume energy, and secondly we produce value.

So the best that can be done is to consider the input energy as a simple constant, enabling an even playing field, from which all humans can compare how well one or the other is doing, in putting it to good use.

As I see it, the presence or absence of energy is really the only thing of importance, and we appear to consume it in a similar way as we consume money.

In the presence of energy, all humans produce value, but they are not always in a position to do anything with it, since all of their natural resources have been removed by others wielding greater financial power.

People starving or otherwise financially underprivileged are not short of business ideas to get themselves into a better position, but they just don’t have the financial means to get moving.

Even getting a bank account can be a challenge, if our credit history is in any questionable.

There should be no circumstance where we can be left with not even food to eat, or a roof over our heads.

My education to Masters degree, from a very poor position in life, was mostly state funded. Had I been born just ten years later, I would not have it, since the state stopped paying for further education.

Indeed I might not even still be alive, as I was taking some very big chances with my life in order to earn a crust, before I jumped into furter education at 24.

In 2012, I had a radial nerve injury in my right arm arm, which took 3 months for me to regain use of my right hand, enabling me to get writing again, and back to work.

My mother passed away in those months also.

My work at that time paid my wages for all of those three months, which enabled me to pick up my career when I was able again.

Otherwise, I would have been homeless, and again, maybe dead.

What I am saying really is that we are at the mercy of a financial system which takes no prisoners.

If we trip, by our own fault or otherwise, we get trampled, and yet, the sun, the single source of energy and wealth for all of us, still shines through it all, our fundamental source of energy, as supplied to the planet, and from which we sip a tiny fraction, was never interrupted, nor varied in any way.

There should be no means at all, of anyone using money as a weapon. No one has that power over the sun in nature, therefore they should not have the ability to control anyone’s input money.

But maybe now I am preaching to the converted. I am sure you understand, and have best intentions yourself.

P. S. Good that you’ve had some interactions also with stephenstillwell , he has a great way of looking at the problem from a completely different direction than me, and I think he might have much deeper experience than me, but I think we converged on a very similar outcome.


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