Henry your argument looks like confirmation bias if you only seem to see part of the picture, the part you want to see.

You talk mostly of geological issues which might seem debateable.

You make no mention of the evidence from many sources that widespread extinction of all forms of life are already well underway.

Or that plastics are already in our food chain.

Yes there might be some players involved who are only interested to make money out of what they see is a pseudo crisis.

If you only believe in a pseudo crisis, then other profiteers are the only people you can see.

That problematic mindset is what is extinguishing all life.

Notice the folk with real concern to try to make real changes are prepared to do so at the cost of our entire careers, liveliehoods, and perceived fortunes.

In fact, even if it costs the world economy, because that appears to be the root source culprit of the problem.

Believe me, we are not in it for the money.

There is no profit to be made in the real solution, though the world free of the collective urge to self destruct would be infinitely desirable.


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