Hendrick I agree with you, in that decentralisation is something we really want and need.

But that is the thing I would say won’t be given or achieved for the sake of itself, for the very reason you point out, human nature.

Decentralisation is almost like the inverse of conventional government.

Of course conventional government is not going to “give up” easily.

On what will be achieved with free money; alignment with nature.

Nature works by donation, from the sun at the top, to the bottom, in all things created.

Nothing in nature witholds energy from anything else, on agreement or otherwise, only humans.

When we try to freeze the process of energy donation at any point, such as by treating wealth as something static, holes begin to appear in the fabric.

Time stands still for a piece of gold, or a dead body, but it doesn’t for all things living, undergoing constant creation.

So we shouldn’t use any medium which is not time dependent to represent or transmit wealth.

When we withold anything, from anyone else, we try to freeze time.

When you take free money to its natural conclusion, it firstly becomes continuous, thus conforming with nature, quickly translating to continuous energy flow, as it does from the sun.

We’ve seen how the good thing of automation is in the process of removing all conventional jobs.

Now, an income is needed for all people, their natural income, to which all living things have a natural right.

That income is infinite.

There is only one infinite source, the source of all energy, and all wealth, and it is the only “clean” form of energy, as it comes neat, direct from source.

So it is the true source of all wealth, and yet our economy takes very little account if it.

That is the thing that should seem surprising. Of course it will cause effects misunderstood.

Like the fundamental reason the value of the dollar was maintained, even elevated, at the time of massive stimulus, and can be maintained forever, if we put on an energy flow standard on it, rather than a fixed amount of energy, or anything else.

A last comment I would make on human nature, the only assumption we should ever make of anyone is that they can learn, learn the truth about how nature works, and how they can be much richer by working with it, rather than against it.

It begins with understanding the time dependency of everything of real value.

Mathematically, we cannot engineer anything without considering all of the differentials, in addition to the constants.


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