Heat Domes are the reason we need to go wholly solar powered without further delay

No more beating about the bush

Frederick Bott
1 min readJul 26, 2021


We’ve seen the power of the sun beginning to be unleashed.

We were warned about it, long ago, but chose not to recognise those warnings, choosing instead to throw them to the wind, the waves, oil, gold, money, in fact anything but solar power, all things scarce.

Hoping the heat domes and all their side effects like localised flooding will go away with the seasons whilst carrying on ignoring the warnings makes no sense at all.

We need to stop messing around, and switch to solar immediately.

That means doing everything necessary to the economy, to make the change, right now.

Not next year, next month, next week, or even tomorrow, but right now.

Profit, and scarcity control, locking us into all things scarce isn’t the way to survival.

The Banks are who are in control, and have the responsibility to do the right thing.

Declare our debts, the financial debts of humanity, for what they are; an energy deficit to our planet, which can only be paid back down by switching our energy consumption to solar, and turn on the free money taps, so that we can start to spend what needs to be spent, to make the switch.