He couldn’t have been from Venus, because he was a man, and men are from Mars, whilst women are from Venus, of course!

Joking aside, cool post, thanks for posting.

I would love for it to be true that Nikola Tesla was some kind of extra-terrestrial.

No-one in history has inspired me more as an Engineer myself.

But the reason I would be skeptical of such an extraterrestrial connection is I can’t really see the reason for any secrecy, or why he ultimately lost funding for his most significant project, designed to give us free power and worldwide internet.

The de-funding of Tesla, to me is a real human travesty, a distinct point in history where we went off the rails of progression.

Logically, the concept of controlled scarcity is the single driver of all of the problems we see, of all humans preying on all others, and our planet for survival.

If Tesla had been successful in his www with free power project, it would have been the end of our illusion of scarcity, and any need for the idea and continued practices of profit. That would have been the beginning of a new world of infinite human capability. Two world wars with countless millions of human lives lost, with yet more to starvation, and even the invention of the nuclear abomination might have been avoided. Tesla, Einstein, and all the others might have been still with us now as young men, still alive, with all of humanity now interplanetary.

Women and men, and every other variation of humanity would not be competing with one another for survival.

I struggle to believe we could have been so stupid, in the face of such obvious external influence to do better, if it existed.

I do not really see the past 120 years as particularly productive. We could have been so much more so.

That said, If all of humanity were related to such extraterrestrials; the result of extraterrestrial genes inserted in Earth animal genes, at different times, for different purposes, giving us our racial variations, and as such we are all descendents of theirs… I have to admit that would make some sense, maybe even answering some of your questions above.


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