Guys, we are resonating. We three are banging the exact same drum here in Medium. We should be working together. If you would like to collaborate, there is a project in progress.

It’s original intention was to unite some technical communities.

But in realising the basic economic requirement (It has to be non-profit), it becomes glaringly obvious that the same requirement automatically grows to uniting all of humanity.

By that, the project would add most value.

All humans know deep down it is the duty of all of us to add as much value to our world as we can. We would all do it if it was easy. Even better if we could receive infinite wealth from that endeavour. It turns out we really can, with the right system in place.

The original goal of uniting the two intended technical communities will automatically be met by uniting humanity in general.

I think we all agree true value is what makes things better in the world, rather than what makes most profit.

The systemic missing link is a mechanism that recognises, quantifies, and financially rewards directly, the truly valuable information of every human, and applies this to the world. In other words, a mechanism by which the world can reward every human directly, financially, for their true value added to it.

There is a compelling black-hole-like mathematical proof of how this is possible, and the results of simulations are astounding. We could all of us be very wealthy indeed, every living soul, after the inefficiencies of perpetual societal and global competition and friction are removed by people no longer having anything to gain by it.

For the first time in known history, we have the technology to do this. The problem is it absolutely has to be non-profit, which makes the project very difficult to raise funding for. Most promotional channels are profit driven, they expect payment for publicity, and conventional mindsets often mistake the project for a profit seeking venture.

Personally, I am reaching my credit limits, as I have been on it a while. But it is now very close to demonstrating the system economic operation to prospective collaborating non-profit funding partners, so hopefully will be funded soon.

Please do check out some of my other posts in Medium, they are all on the same theme, in one way or another, all four hundred or so, including this one.

Also, the VRENAR project discord channel, available in the links at

I look forward to hopefully working with you.


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