Grenfell, the Beirut Explosion, Covid, World Pollution

All have some similarities

A common thread exists between these events, piling up.

Failure of authorities to put the safey of humans as the top priority.

The more we see, the more that should be becoming apparent, humanity has a conflict of interest; to profit, or to save lives.

The incentive of profit has to be removed, in order to prevent us continuing worshipping this thing that is literally killing us.

Money has to change from being an instrument of deprivation, to an instrument of empowerment.

It has to become like nature’s instrument of empowerment, our sun.

The sun gives eternal empowerment to all of nature for nothing in return, and all blooms with value.

What would happen to nature, if we somehow packaged up sunlight, and passed it on to to others only in discrete packets, and only in return for something in return?

Yes we’ve lived this way for thousands of years, but that doesn’t make it right, or even possible to sustain.

Time we changed.

Time we learned from nature.

Time we freed the money.


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